The Investment

The Return On Your Investment

As with any investment, you should think about the what you get for your money. Here are 5 reasons why investing in the Changemaker Sprint program will save your family money when you enter college:

  • On average, you are much more likely to graduate college in 4 years
  • Language skills = college credit
  • You will have much more clarity on what to study
  • Students who did a gap year program had higher GPAs in college
  • Internship experience will help you with full-time job opportunities

Changemaker Sprint Program Cost

What is the cost of the Changemaker program?

Changemaker Sprint has a tuition rate of $6,950 USD.

What is included in the cost of the program?

Below is what is included for the $6,950 USD tuition rate for the eight-week Changemaker Sprint program:

  1. Pick up from San Jose international airport and drop-off at the end of the 8-week program
  2. Lodging with your host family in Ciudad Colon for 8 weeks, including breakfast and dinner with them during this period of time.
  3. Small group Spanish classes for an 8-week period
  4. Placement in an internship for a 6-week period
  5. The online course ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Change’ with the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education
  6. Three weekend trips in Costa Rica (beach, volcano, and rainforest)
  7. Six hands-on workshops on the skills and mindset of Changemaking


How can I pay for the Changemaker program?

Several options exist to help finance your Changemaker Gap program. The  American Gap Year Association publishes some inspiring examples of ways students can fund their experience. Other ideas include:

  1. Fundraising activities
  2. Applying for a fellowship to external funders
  3. $500 Scholarship from Changemaker
  • I feel so determined and energetic when I learn about all these things for running a social enterprise.

    Rose China
  • The course materials, the discussions, and Mohit’s classes were all very interesting.

    Paroma India
  • I think all the field visits, speakers, and Mohit’s stories helped me learn best because it was great to see and hear real life examples.

    Sam Colorado

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